Our Services

CaterPro Ltd has more than 25 years of experience working with several Commercial FoodService Equipment, ranging from the world’s largest and most popular manufacturers to pure-play component suppliers. We understand the fast-paced nature of the FoodService Industry and the unique challenges it faces, and we consistently help our clients optimize their performance throughout the below Services.

Sales Consulting

Our expertise in the industry and the overall customer satisfaction allow us to communicate effectively with all new and existing customers to better understand the requirements of the unique needs of their business. Our guidance assists customers in order to take the best solution possible so they can get the most out of their equipment.

Operational Training

We are always willing to train our customers in order to understand and follow the correct manufacturer guidelines and procedures on the correct operation of the equipment, so they can maximize its consistency, uptime and lifetime. Even more importantly, achieve an improved ROI (Return on Investment) of the equipment cost for a better profitability.

After Sales Technical Service & Support

We don’t focus on “Before Sales” actions only, however we are aiming to stand up for our Business Motto and Cornerstone which is “Service excellence is our priority”. We are still there, supporting all of our customers long after the Sale has been done.

Preventative Maintenance

We fully understand that there are more issues to the cost of immobilized equipment than parts and labor. Lost Revenues and Dissatisfied Customers are among the issues as well. Therefore, Preventative Maintenance is crucial to any business looking to reduce costly equipment downtime and avoid unnecessary repair costs.

Equipment Spare Parts

We provide a collection of various Genuine FoodService Equipment Spare Parts coming from the most trusted Manufacturers in the World.

“Service excellence is our priority”
~ CaterPro Ltd ~